Monday, 25 August 2008

Daddy's Super Hero

Yesterday I went to a fund raising event at our local pub. It was to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald house at Alder Hey children's hospital Liverpool .

6 wks ago our next door neighbors little boy Connor aged 2 was rushed from Manchester to Alder Hey with Meningitis and septicemia for those 6 wks his Mum was able to stay very close by in the Ronald McDonald house which was a god send for Laura. The house is a charity, click on the link to learn more on how these marvelous houses work.

Connor Came home last Tuesday and everyone that knows him are so pleased to have him back. I have done a LO of him dressed as Bob the Builder at the fun day yesterday. The small pic of him is one I did for him on photoshop by putting his head on top of a picture of the real Bob. This picture was taken before Connor was ill.

Our local News station Channel M have been round to film Connor with his Mum and Dad to help warn other people about the signs and dangers of meningitis. You can see the news article HERE


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Saturday, 23 August 2008

New Header!

I have spent the afternoon redesigning a new header and I'm really pleased with the way is turned out.
Well my 6 weeks holidays or nearly over, its back to work on Tuesday. It will be nice to catch up with all my friends at work and see what they have been up to over the hols, but I will so miss all my free time.

Friday, 22 August 2008

"Best of Britsh"

I have not Blogged for a few days as I have been trying to put some digi LOs together for the "best of British" scrapbooking competition. I eventually managed to email my entry at 11.45 last night. I'm not holding my breath as there are so many good scrappers out there and I really don't know what the judges will think of an only digi scrapbooking entry, although it did say you could enter digi or hybrid LOs and you haven't a chance if you don't enter. Good luck to everyone else who has entered.
I have also been doing some more digi LOs of Katie and Damian's wedding. I have only ever used free digi stash to do my LOs, but I have for the first time put my hand in my pocket, bought and downloaded some stash which I have used on these three LOs.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Time to scrap at last

I have at last found the time to do some digi scrapping so thought before I turn the comp off for the eve I would share the digi LO's I have managed to do.

Katie's Hen Night.

This is the first set of digi Lo's I am planning to do of Katie and Damian's Wedding

Friday, 15 August 2008

wedding fever!

Yesterday I talked about my Holiday in Wales, but I also would like to tell you about another two events that I have attended. The first happened the day before I went away. I was a guessed at the lovely wedding of my friend Tracy's niece Katie to Damian. it was a wonderful day and the weather stayed nice which was a great bonus.

Katie looked stunning and very much like a Roman Goddess In a beautiful handmade wedding dress. Damian definitely looked like he was the cat that got the cream.

Katie and Damian have got the most gorgeous baby daughter, Evie who spent most of the wedding service outside the church with me as she didn't seem to like it inside especially the singing!!

It was a great fun day enjoyed by all family and friends, but especially by both Damian and Katie.

Congratulations to you Both xx

A week after attending Katie and Damian's Wedding and helping them celebrate there new married life together,

I was was off down to Winchester with my Mum to help celebrate my Auntie Pat and Uncle Georges Gold Wedding Anniversary. 50 years of marred life together, how fantastic.

It was another sunny day and we all had a great time with fantastic food and the most excellent company. the lunch was held at Winchester Cathedral. what a wonderful backdrop to have. after the lunch we went back to their house before returning back to our hotel. It was so nice to catch up with Auntie Pat and Uncle George and my two cousins Sarah and Emma who is a fabulous photographer if you get chance check out her site.
Congratulation on 50 wonderful years
Pat and George xxx

So as you can see I have attended two lovely celebrations. Attending such wonderful events agave me a chance to make two cards for each special event. For each of the cards I used the Open Hearts and Tall Stories. embossing boards by the Glitter Girls I also made the gift boxes for each of the cards

Katie and Damian's Wedding card
darker colour was to coordinate with the bridesmaids dresses.

Pat and Georges Golden wedding anniversary card

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Where is the sun?

I'm sure when I was a child that we had far more sun in the summer then we get now, or does it just seem like that? while I was away last week on my holidays in Anglesey, North Wales I spent time on the beach it wasn't necessarily hot and sunny in fact the nicest day we had was the Monday and we spent it at Treaddur Bay where I caught quite a bit of sun and was re-named beetruth lol. Anyway I noticed that all the children on the beaches over the week really didn't care if it was dull, cold or even the odd showers they all seemed happy to dig sandcastles and swim in the sea and that I'm sure is what they will all remember as adults of their childhood holidays. So back to the question did the sun shine more when we were children or does it just seem like it when we remember happy summer holidays?

Trearddur Bay, Anglesey, North Wales

On the Wednesday of our holidays the weather was really wet and miserable so a decision was made to go to the cinema in Holyhead to watch the Dark Knight. It was like stepping back in time and a really fun experience for the younger ones with us who's only knowledge of the cinema is a large multi complex. Seen as there were seven of us going I phone call to the cinema was made and the tickets where put under the counter for us to pay for when we arrived, yes that's right no paying by card in advance over the phone to a computerised voice our seats where also saved with card laid on the top of them saying reserved. It reminded me so much of my visits to our local cinema (which became a supermarket) when I was a child. There was even an interval while they changed the film reel half way through. The big thing was the cost it was so much cheaper then if we had all gone to the multi complex cinema at the Trafford center and a far more personal experience.

The Empire Cinema, Holyhead

A map of Anglesey. We stayed at Llanfwrog