Monday, 29 September 2008

New PC and Boobs!

Yes I have got a new PC, its not actual new it belonged to my Mum, but it is newer then mine. So I'm in the proses of swapping stuff over and sorting through my Photos and what a task that is!
Why do I not archive my stuff on to discs? why I'm I so disorganised? Is it something to do with I only seem to have twinkly things, brads, patterned paper etc... floating around my
Anyway I might be off line at home for a short time and then I will be trying to work out Vista (oh what joy), But I will return soon...(fingers crossed)

Oh before I go don't forget Oct is breast cancer awareness month there or loads of challenges out there to scrap your boobs...Think I will need a wide angled lens to capture mine lol
click on the pic to get to the web site

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Time at last!

Yes I have at last found the time and energy to Blog and do some digi scraping.
Oh how I wish I could get home from work and have some energy and some inspiration to sit on here and write, but alas I still seem to be suffering from that back to work feeling, and how come as soon as you return to work after the summer brake you pick up every bug possible? I have had a cold and now a real chesty cough. Oh the joys of working in a College full of germ ridden students and air conditioning.
I have also managed to do a couple of digi LOs of Katie and Damian's beautiful little girl Evie. I have loved sitting here today and scrapping I just need to tidy my scrap space and I might even then get chance to do some paper scrapping, I'm starting to feeling the need to get glued up and covered in ink!

Evie Grace having fun and looking so beautiful.