Friday, 31 October 2008

24hr pink booby crop

At the beginning of October I attended the Goldbourn 24hr pink booby crop and although I ended up not staying for the full 24hrs I had a great time. I managed to do some digi scraping and also making the the album below to hold the DVD of all the digi pages I have done of Katie and Damian's wedding which hopefully will make a lovely gift for them.

The gorges stash I used was from one of Sarah's Cards kits which are just fabulous and well worth every penny. If you are looking to subscribe to a kit then over all the kits out there I heartily recommend you check out Sarah's kits.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I'm spending the 1/2 term hols staying at my Mums till Friday we have had a day out to a lovely garden center near where she lives. It was full of the most lush Christmas stuff it made me wont to come back and put up the tree! No I didn't do it I know it's still October lol
Still on the subject of Christmas as promised here is a small collection of some of the Christmas cards I have made to date. I'm still in the middle of doing them so more to follow.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Its half term holidays

At last!!
last week on the Thursday before I broke up for a very long awaited holiday I did a craft day with a group of the college students. I was teaching them how to make memory (exploding) boxes, which as you can imagine is not easy working in inches with a group of teenagers who think inches are something that cave men Anyway I decided I would have to change the measurements to cm. So after some experiments I did it and it is so much easier then working in inches. I can now make boxes in a variety of sizes.
Bellow is a box I made from A4 card to use as an example for the student.

Here are the instructions and measurements for a box using A4 and 12x12 card stock. From these measurements you can see just how easy it is to scale it down more.

Big Box

You will need 4 sheets of 12inch x 12inch card stock 3 sheets for the box and one for the lid. First sheet measures 30cm x 30cm then divide into 3 x 10cms vertically and horizontally.
Then cut the 4 corner squares away. Second sheet measures 28.5 x 28.5 then divide into 3 x 9.5cms vertically and horizontally. Then cut the 4 corner squares away. Third sheet measures 27 x27cms then divide into 3 x 9 cms vertically and horizontally. Then cut the 4 corner squares away. Fourth sheet is the lid measure 17.5 x17.5 square.
Then score all 4 sides in 3.5cm in. TURN YOUR CARD OVER and score from the tip of each corner, diagonally, until you meet your scored “corner” lines. You can decorate as you wish.


First sheet measures 21cm x 21cm then divide into 3 x 7cms.
Second sheet measures 19.5 x 19.5 then divide into 3 x 6.5cms. Third sheet measures 18 x 18cms then divide into 3 x 6 cms. Fourth sheet is the lid measure 15 x 15 square. Then score all 4 sides 3.5cm in.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Don't give up on me

No please don't I will return very soon with some crafty projects. I haven't really done much for a few weeks, but I have started doing my Christmas cards so when I get chance I will take some pics and blog them.

I have manged to do some more digi LOs for Katie and Damian's One is still on my laptop so I can only show you this one for now.