Sunday, 31 May 2009


A big thanks for all the lovely messages re my thumb. Its loads better and if you where to see it you would say " is that it...What was all the fuss about" lol. The Dr at A&E told me that thumbs do bleed an awful lot (your not kidding), but heal really well Apparently.

I have been busy scrapping this weekend in between gardening before I return to work tomorrow (I do think it should be law that if the weather is lovely and sunny no one should have to work anyway back to reality) lol
Here are two LOs I have finished.

"Beautiful Big Eyes"
Another LO of Evie G using this months kit from Sarah's Cards.

"Knitted Character"
If you are a fan of Harry Hills TV Burp then you will recognise Knitted Character from the show
This was a must purchase for my friend Tracy's birthday, as she just loved it every time KC appeared on TV Burp.
Used some more of this months kit from Sarah's Cards.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Blood, Layouts and Cards!

Well I have been a bit of a plonker...Two weeks ago I came home from work and because I just couldn't be bother to make mash potato for a cottage pie I decided to just put sliced potatoes on top of the mince. Well I got out my mandoline slicer and managed to slice half my thumb off. this happened at about 4.30pm and when it got to 9pm and it still hadn't stop bleeding I thought it may be a good idea to go to the local A&E! as there was nothing there to stick they just had to pad it up and I had to keep it elevated in a sling for 48hrs. The mandoline slicer has now been put in the bin.
From the pic below you can see it carried on bleeding till around 11am the next day.

So I've not been able to do much crafting over the last two weeks, so I will share some LOs I did before the plonker These two I did at the May Warrington crop on the 10th. I love going to the crop I get so much wonderful inspiration and have made some great friends.


Central Park

The craft I have managed to do in the last week or so is three card that just had to be done. Making your own cards is so rewarding I love it when friends really appreciate the time and love you have taken to make them and its a great way to use up the bits of those fantastic papers I have used on my LOs.

This Card was for a family friend

My friend at work was 50 yesterday so this one I did for her.

And finally it's my best friend Tracy's birthday today so this one is for her.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Scrapbook Trends UK

I'm sure that by now you will all have heard and even purchased you copy of Scrapbook Trends which has now been launched in the UK. I had heard of the US magazine via UK Scrappers, but had never seen a copy of it, so had no idea what to expect. So after reading all the excitement on UKS off I went to WH Smiths and bought a copy....I have to say it was the best £6 I have spent for a long time. What a fantastic little magazine so much inspiration with out pages and pages of adverts, just fantastic pages full of great layouts. I hope the UK scrapbooking magazines take note and learn from this treasure from the US. Also if you pop over to their web site you can download a free i-mag on mini books, its def worth a look.

I will leave you with a selection of LOs I did last weekend. As is the norm these days you can find all the supplies I have used over at Sarah's Cards shop and I'm sure I will have some more of the lovely papers she has in stock after tomorrows Warrington Crop.


Cutie Pie

Evie G

1st Birthday

Sunday, 3 May 2009

International Scrapbooking Day

Well yesterday was International scrapbooking day so to celebrate I went and bought myself a new photo printer for my craft room/bedroom. I normally have to print my pics out downstairs so do them in a job lot which ends up wasting loads of ink and paper, I can now print off photos as I need them and to go with my papers.
So yes back to ISD after installing my printer I eventually managed to do 2 LOs. Both are of my two dogs having a run by the river where I live. The papers where bought spacial for the photos from Sarah's Cards.

"1, 2, 3 Jump"
Archie loves to run up the bank and then jumping off.

"Top Dog"
Bryn is a little more wary, but likes to be up on the bank looking down on you.
He thinks he is top dog, but Archie and I know diffrent!

The other week my monthly kit arrived from Sarah's Cards It was so nice I just loved the colours and papers and knew the perfect photos for them. I have done the photos before you my remember, but they where digi Los. Im really pleased with how they have turned out. The LOs are off my friend Tracy's graduation last July.

"What a hoot"
This is my favourite picture of Tracy's Graduation with her pulling a silly face, because it just sums her up.

"Wise Owl"

Finally I thought I would share the page class from last months Warrington Crop. I had decided not to do it at the crop as it was going to be Evie G's 1st birthday the following weekend. I just knew the colours and papers would look so good on a little girl LO.

"First Birthday"
The writing on the side says...
"Evie Grace you where born on the 15th April '08. On the 18th April '09 your family and friends came to celebrate your 1st birthday with you". It was a lovely sunny day and we all had a lovely afternoon with you”.