Friday, 29 May 2009

Blood, Layouts and Cards!

Well I have been a bit of a plonker...Two weeks ago I came home from work and because I just couldn't be bother to make mash potato for a cottage pie I decided to just put sliced potatoes on top of the mince. Well I got out my mandoline slicer and managed to slice half my thumb off. this happened at about 4.30pm and when it got to 9pm and it still hadn't stop bleeding I thought it may be a good idea to go to the local A&E! as there was nothing there to stick they just had to pad it up and I had to keep it elevated in a sling for 48hrs. The mandoline slicer has now been put in the bin.
From the pic below you can see it carried on bleeding till around 11am the next day.

So I've not been able to do much crafting over the last two weeks, so I will share some LOs I did before the plonker These two I did at the May Warrington crop on the 10th. I love going to the crop I get so much wonderful inspiration and have made some great friends.


Central Park

The craft I have managed to do in the last week or so is three card that just had to be done. Making your own cards is so rewarding I love it when friends really appreciate the time and love you have taken to make them and its a great way to use up the bits of those fantastic papers I have used on my LOs.

This Card was for a family friend

My friend at work was 50 yesterday so this one I did for her.

And finally it's my best friend Tracy's birthday today so this one is for her.


Monika said...

OMG. What can I say you poor thing. Feel better.

misteejay said...

OUCH!!! hope it is healing nicely now - poor you (((hugs)))

Toni :o)

WeirdCat said...

You womble, hope you are fit enough for the next Warrington crop

Anne said...

Oh my gosh! You poor thing, that looks awful! You are definately going to have to scrap that picture of your thumb once you're up to it!

rachel said...

ouch that looks saw, love your layouts and your cards, great way to use that sarahs cards kit :)

Angie said...

Accidents happen so quickly hope it wasnt too painful for too long. I remember spending 8 hours in an A&E with my then 17yr old son after a craft knife slipped just as I was saying be careful with that !!!!!
Love your cards by the way.

LadyBug said...

Oh My! I did the same thing to my forefinger a few years back while peeling spuds. bloody peelers!!!! hope you heal soon so you can get back to your crafting! lovely Lo's pre-thumbloss.